SeptemberFest Labor Day Parade 2019

2019 Grand Marshall:

Terance “Bud” Crawford
WBO Welterweight Champion of the World

The SeptemberFest parade starts at 16th and Cass Streets, travels south on 16th Street to Capitol Avenue, continues east on Capitol to 10th Street and concludes by proceeding north on 10th Street to Mike Fahey street. The two hour parade goes on rain or shine. There will be flag carrying honor guards, marching bands, labor unions, businesses, floats, animals, horses, clowns and roaming artists.

More than 80 units will participate with approximately 3,550 walkers. There will be five gigantic balloons at the same quality and scale as the Macy’s parade. Dozens of labor volunteers arrive at 6 a.m. to fill the balloons and guide the balloons along parade route. These gigantic balloons require about 4,500 cubic feet of helium.

Parade Route Map: